Our main products are key components for Hygienic fluid pipeline system including a vacuum chamber, sanitary pump, valve, flange, Tubes & fittings, etc. They are mainly applied in such fields which need processing pollution control as Pharmaceuticals, Biotech food, beverage & dairy, A world class fluid equipment manufacturer.

Bioclean Food is for Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, food, beverages & dairy industries, Our experience serving this field means we know how to help you with a variety of processing systems and applications. Whatever the food application, our food processing equipment, modules, and complete processing lines enable the supply of products to consumers at competitive prices – while maintaining the highest levels of hygiene and desired taste qualities.


Bioclean Pharma provides you solutions for your pharmaceutical plant. Bioclean is your complete source for specialized fittings and tubing required Biotechnology and pharmaceutical process applications. Bringing a drug or a vaccine to market requires cutting-edge technologies. To succeed, pharmaceutical manufacturers demand efficient, hygienic fittings and tubing that delivers continuous processes and sustainable performance – scalable from pilot to full-scale production.


ASME BPE FIRST IN THE WORLD Certified tubing and Fitting both manufacturers by ASME BPE Org.