Modern Manufacturing

CNC Five-Axis Machining Center.
CNC Four-Axis Turning and Milling Machining Center.
CNC Three-Axis Gantry Milling.
CNC five-Sided Gantry Milling.
Non-Melting pole (tungsten) inert gas shielded welding (TIG welding).
Automatic rail welding.
Mechanical polishing (up to SF1 ≤ 0.5μm).
Electropolishing (up to SF4 ≤ 0.375μm).
During the development phase, all new products will be tested for verification to consider the overall performance of the product in all aspects. Strict testing guarantees reliable quality and performance.
These tests include but are not limited to:
Pressure burst test.
Load torque test.
Seal life test.
Actuator life test.
Valve acid-base medium performance test.
Valve high-temperature steam performance test.
Pump performance comprehensive test.
Shaft power and efficiency test.
Pump cavitation allowance test.
Media simulation cycle test.

We have complete testing equipment and rich quality management experience in testing and quality control. Detection equipment includes but is not limited to :

Valve withstand voltage test equipment.
Load torque test equipment.
Actuator life test equipment.
Valve high temperature medium test equipment.
Valve acid-base medium test equipment.
Valve performance comprehensive test equipment.
Pump integrated test system.
Medium simulation cycle test equipment.
3D projection measuring instrument.
Surface roughness meter.
Helium leak test center.
Endoscopic inspection mirror.
Direct Reading Spectrometer
Metal component analyzer
Metallographic analyzer