Product Traceability

Bioclean hygienic tubes and Fittings are produced according to the strict quality process. By using a precast tube, the wall thickness of all cold forming tubes maintains consistently. After cold forming, the dimensions of tubes will be adjusted to ensure it complies with ASME BPE Table DT-3-1.
Mechanical vertical cutting technology is used to provide the appropriate surface treatment, in order to ensure accurate and consistent rail welding. All joints passed the visual examination. The allowance of ellipticity and verticality are checked by calibration equipment. The average roughness of surface treatment is checked by the profilometer.

In addition to raw materials from the best factory, the strict flow and the inspection are also used to guarantee uniformity and traceability of the product. The KingLai brand mark, raw material, the furnace number, the surface roughness, and the caliber standard are signed in the production to show that it has passed the safeguard procedure. The brand mark “Bioclean” is signed in the surface of all hygienic products. Bar code and the date of production are signed on the package of pipe fittings which ensure highly effective distribution and traceability. All the products will arrive at the destination perfectly by packing in the solid packages with KingLai brand symbol.